Fact File

Welcome to my website. Come on in and have a look around. You can find out about my books and also about me. 


Julie Sykes


My birthday month is August

Place of birth: 

Kingston upon Thames

Places I’ve lived:

I was born in Kingston upon Thames and not long after my family moved to Australia. We were there for three happy years, working (my parents not me), travelling and learning to hop like kangaroo (me not my parents) before returning to the UK. I've also lived on a fish farm, sharing my home with 300,000 rainbow trout. Now I'm based in Cornwall just a short walk from the beach - lucky me - with my noisy family and our white wolf, cunningly disguised as a dog.



I’ve worked in a kennels, shops, pubs and on a mushroom farm. My first full-time job was as a laboratory technician and after that a teacher. I’m now a full time writer. 

First book published:

There were two - This and That and I Don’t Want To Go To Bed!

Favourite Things:

Family, friends, spring (the season not the bouncy sort although bouncing is good, too), cappuccino, Danish pastries, Cornwall, the sea, books, animals, chocolate.

Worst Things:

Litter, vandals, cleaning the house, having NOTHING to read.


Reading, walking, cooking, hanging out in cafés.