Review of The True Colours of Coral Glen by Juliette Forrest

I’ve been waiting to read Juliette Forrest’s ‘The True Colours of Coral Glen’ since I first heard about it early this year. Having devoured her debut novel ‘Twister’ in a couple of greedy sittings, I had high expectations for a second book. I’m happy to say that expectations were well and truly met.

‘The True Colours of Coral Glen’ is another masterpiece for Forrest. The story whisks you along from the first intriguing sentence to the last tear-inducing page. Be prepared to have your breath and heart stolen as Coral runs head first into a thrilling adventure filled with witches, villains and unlikely friends. Coral, who sees the world through a myriad of colours, is different from any heroine you’ve met before. Brave, principled yet prepared to break the rules for a cause, you’ll laugh and cry as she stands up to evil to save her town.

Thanks to Juliette Forrest and Scholastic Books for the gifted copy of ‘The True Colours of Coral Glen.’

The True Colours of Coral Glen by Juliette Forrest publishing 4th July 2019

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