How Do You Read?

How do you like to read? Book or e-reader? For me it’s the book, every time. I love books. Libraries, bookshops, other people’s bookshelves – they give me the tingles. The covers, paper, smell, rustle … how can an e-reader give you all that?

But wait, e-readers have their advantages. The BIG one portability. Gone are the days where I packed an extra bag just for holiday reading. Lost glasses? Change the font size. No light? No problem. Nothing to read? An e-reader can literally conjure up a book from thin air.

I’ve found myself relying more heavily on the e-reader until I noticed a SINISTER development… not the stupidly cheap price of some e-books especially the ones in the e-bargain bucket. That’s a whole other thread for another day. Oh no….

My memory was failing.

I was that person. The one who knew the title, author, illustrator (if pictures) AND publisher of my read. Yep! I know and I’m proud. I knew it because with a book the info is highly VISIBLE whether the book is in your hand or reproachfully staring at you from a shelf.

Not so with an e-reader. The swishy, swanky, smooth e-reader that opens at the page you left it on has few if any visual prompts to remind you of anything.

This bothered me A LOT but now I have a solution. When I use an e-reader, for travelling/dark/nothing-to-read-disaster moments, I also visualise with a reading diary. A diary with a picture of the book and names of author, illustrator (if pictures) and publisher – because why not!

This is new me. That nerdy, happy, diary person who knows what I’m reading 📚📚📚