Woodland Magic

Cora and Jax are tiny nature keepers. They live in fantastic treehouse homes in the Hidden Middle of the Whispering Woods. Cora and Jax care for the countryside, helping it to recover by rewilding it when the giant Ruffins (humans) are careless with it.

The Woodland Magic series was inspired by my love of animals and nature. Our planet is under threat and we can all take tiny steps to save it. I hope the magical, rewilding adventures of Cora and Jax, along with Katy Riddell’s brilliant illustrations, will inspire you to care for our countryside, too.

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Woodland Magic the Stranded Otter book jacket with a cute Otter clutching on to a floating log. A dragonfly flies above. The background is sky blue blending down to water blue in the lower half.
Woodland Magic Operation Owl book jacket with a white Owl perched on tree branch. The background is midnight blue.