Unicorn Academy

Imagine a school where your best friend is a unicorn.

Imagine Unicorn Academy, a boarding school, where pupils and unicorns learn to work as a team to protect their home on the wonderful Unicorn Island.

The Unicorn Academy series, a New York Times best seller, is packed with friendship, adventure and magic.

The books are a collaboration between myself, my brilliant friend and writing partner Linda Chapman and Lucy Truman. Lucy is a very talented illustrator. I’ve admired her pictures for ages and it was a wish come true to be able to work with her.

There are twenty books in the Unicorn Academy series. The books have also been adapted for screen by the awesome team at Spin Master and can now be watched on Netflix.

I get lots of lovely emails about Unicorn Academy. I try to reply to them all but it can take me a while. If you are waiting to hear back from me then thanks for your patience. Sadly, I am unable to read any stories or ideas that you might have for Unicorn Academy or anything else, so please don’t send me yours. I’ve answered the most frequently asked questions in a Q&A at the bottom of this page.

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Unicorn Academy Q&A

How did you think up the idea for Unicorn Academy?

Our publisher Nosy Crow came up with the idea of a magical school on an island where students and unicorns worked together. We created the characters and the stories. 

Are you going to write any more Unicorn Academy books?

There are no plans to write any more books at the moment. If you’ve enjoyed Unicorn Academy then you might like to read our new series, Mermaid Academy. 

You are co-authors, how do you write together? 

We share our ideas and pick out the best ones which we then develop together. When we start writing the story we take it in turns until we are happy that we have created the best book we can. 

If you had a unicorn what would it be called and what magic would it have? 

My unicorn Silver Shadow would have invisibility magic

Do you believe in unicorns?


Which is your favourite Unicorn Academy book?

All of them

I want to write a book, have you any tips for me?

Read everything and read every day. Stories are all around us. Keep your eyes and ears open for ideas and write them down in a notebook. 

Can the Unicorn Academy books be read in any order?

Each book is a complete story and can be read alone however, the books are split into four series and it’s best to read each series in order to avoid plot spoilers. The series are Books 1 – 6, 7 – 12, 13 – 16 and 17 – 20. If you are in the US then series 3 (books 13 – 16 ) is called Nature Magic and series 4 Treasure Hunt.

What made you become a writer? 

Reading is my all-time favourite hobby and that’s why I write books.

What other books have Linda and you written together?

The Forever Homes series

Mermaid Academy