Back List

In March 1996 my first 2 books published. 

25 years later in Feb 2021 my 100th book published. 

Writing for a living is to ride a never ending roller coaster of soaring highs and soul crushing lows. I love my job, and I work hard, but I’ve also been lucky – right manuscript, right desk, right time. Just because a publisher turns your book down it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a good book. It’s just might not be the right book for them at the right time.

I wouldn’t be here without the friendship and support of so many people, too many to name check here, but you know who you are – at least I hope you do – so thank you! And, an especially huge thanks to Little Tiger (formerly Magi Publications) who started my journey 25 yrs ago and to my agent Polly Nolan, who rides the roller coaster with me. 

Here are just some of the books that I’ve written over the years. Sadly, not all of them are still in print but you can still buy second hand copies from charity shops and on-line.