Princess Ponies

Princess PoniesWhen some of my friends started writing books with other authors I wasn’t sure if it was for me. Then my agent told me about Jeff Norton. Jeff had created a story about a magical island inhabited by talking horses. The story was packed full of ponies, magic, friendships and danger. Jeff was looking for a writer to share his adventure. The moment I heard Jeff’s idea, I wanted that writer to be me.

And so Chloe Ryder was born - a partnership between Jeff Norton and Julie Sykes. It was the start of a long and exciting journey.

Jeff and I rode magical, giant seahorses to the island of Chevalia where we met Princess Stardust, her best friend Pippa MacDonald, (a real live girl), a flying pony and the spooky Night Mares. We hope you have as much fun reading the books as we did writing them.

Brown Pony

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A Magical Friend
A Dream Come True
The Special Secret
A Unicorn Adventure!
An Amazing Rescue
Best Friends For Ever!
A Special Suprise
A Singing Star