Unicorn Academy

Imagine a school where you and your unicorn go on brilliant adventures together. 

Imagine Unicorn Academy.

Unicorn Academy, the best sort of boarding school, where pupils are paired with their own special unicorn.

The girls from Sapphire dorm are determined to bond with their unicorns and learn to become guardians of their wonderful island home. But someone wants to stop them. Who is the mysterious figure trying to ruin everything? The girls and their unicorns will stop at nothing to find out!

I'm writing Unicorn Academy with my very good friend, Linda Chapman with illustrations by Lucy Truman. We're having lots of sparkly fun writing together and working with the brilliant team at Nosy Crow.

There are twenty books in the series, full of adventure, magic and unicorns. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing them. If you do, then maybe we will write some more! 

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Sophia and Rainbow book cover
Scarlett and Blaze book cover
Isabel & Cloud book cover
Blue book cover for Unicorn Academy Layla and Dancer
Red book cover for Unicorn Academy Olivia and Snowflake
Rosa and Crystal book cover
Ariana and Whisper book cover
Freya and Honey book cover
Lily-Feather Book Cover
Phoebo-Shimmer Book Cover